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‘It was Aldershot 1935 and a young lady working in service as a cook far from home finds herself in trouble. The man, of the name Peters, fled. Alice couldn’t keep her pregnancy from her employers for long and ended up on the doorstep of a home for unmarried mothers, St Agnes Lodge, Cavendish Mews, off Grosvenor Road, Aldershot.

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Friday 28th February 1936 Alice gave birth to twins in the Aldershot Cottage Hospital.

Alice was planning to give them up for adoption. What else could a single woman do in those days? How could she work to support herself and two babies?
The youngest looked like a ‘china doll’ and was adopted but the other had curvature of the spine.

A worried family had not heard from Alice for a long time and sent her brother George to Aldershot to look for her. He found her at the home for unmarried mothers and she was taken in by her family. Alice eventually was able to find suitable work and child care. Alice brought up Elizabeth with her knowing she had a twin sister who was given up for adoption. Patricia was adopted by an Aldershot family and her name was changed to Ann. Ann did not know she was adopted until she was 15. She did not know she had a twin until she was 77.’