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ALBANY, Ore. – Her entire life, Ann Hunt believed she was the only child.

But growing up in England, she’d pretend to be a twin.

Her friends warned her “that will come back to you one day,” she said.

“But isn’t it lovely coming back to a thing like this!”

One of her daughter’s delved into the family’s geneology and discovered, after 78 years, Hunt learned her birth mother had given her up for adoption to focus on the twin sister who needed medical attention.

Hunt had a twin, Elizabeth Hamel; and she lived half a world away from Aldershot, England, in a place called Albany, Oregon.

Hunt’s daughter wrote a letter to Hamel about the discovery.

“I do get mail from England,” Hamel said, “but I was surprised when I saw Aldershot because we were born in Aldershot.”

Hamel said she had known about her twin’s existence her whole life but could never find the adoption records.

That letter changed it all. Hunt flew from England and met her twin for the first time May 1.

“To see someone you were actually in the womb with … ” Hamel said.

“We have the same toes!” Hunt said. “I actually feel complete.”